Enjoy the archaeological zone of Chacchobén

Enjoy the archaeological zone of Chacchobén

Archaeological zone of Chacchobén

This place was only discovered in 1994 and has interesting buildings such as the Gran Basamento, Group II and the Vías.

Chacchobén, in the same way, is endowed with a vast natural environment, there you will find species such as toucans, spider monkeys and vegetation, such as cedars, mahogany, peppers and fig trees.

Just 60 minutes from Mahahual, Chacchobén was born as a small village approximately in the year 200 BC. However, it is currently considered one of the largest settlements in the area known as the Lake District. Its name refers to “red corn”. Among the structures that stand out most are the complexes known as the Gran Basamento, Las Vías and Group II, which includes the tallest building.

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